Fields of Application

3D Laser Scanning has become a standard surveying tool across numerous industries. Everyday more and more companies are adopting this technology to achieve efficiency in their workflows. Application areas for 3D laser scanning has been increasing beyond conventional boundaries. Some of the application areas for 3D laser scanning are as follows:

  • As-built survey of offshore & onshore plants for revamp & retrofit projects.
  • As-built studies of heritage structures for conservation projects
  • As-built survey of overburdened dumps for monitoring purpose
  • As-built survey of mines for volume calculation of exacavated minerals
  • As-built survey of tunnels for design to as-built comparison
  • As-built survey of FPSO’s for retrofit and revamp purpose
  • As-built survey of fighter aircraft’s for CFD analysis
  • As-built study of hydro power dams for monitoring purpose
  • As-built studies of stockpile for volume calculations