PEGS is a full service 3D laser scanning outfit. We have the capability and capacity to plan, execute, and deliver high quality 3D laser scanning deliverables all the way from the raw data collection to highly accurate visually appealing 3D models, drawings, walkthroughs, and animations. Because our staff is cross-trained in the field and in the office you have the certainty that our technicians and designers are well aware of the 3D laser scanning workflow. That being said PEGS is in touch with the fast moving LIDAR and 3D geospatial markets and thus are constantly adjusting and refining our workflows. Take a look at some of our services below or check out the Portfolio page for more details.

3D Laser Scanning

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  • 3d-laser-scanning
  • 3d-laser-scanning

PEGS specializes in dimensional control surveys of which 3D Laser Scanning is an integral part. 3D Laser Scanners use the most advanced state-of-the art technology to capture as-built data from sites (Plants, Highways, Heritage structures, etc.) which can then be into a 3D Virtual model of the actual object. The USP of a laser scanner is rapid data collection, completeness of the data to shorten the field time and unbeatable accuracy. A laser Scanner captures thousand of co-ordinates within seconds to create a complete “point cloud” data of the object, which is then converted into accurate 3D Models through different point cloud processing software. Alternatively point cloud data can be used to create accurate as-built drawings through standard CAD based software.

Standard deliverables for a laser scanning project includes registered point cloud data in formats like .imp/.zfs/.zfc/.pts/.3dd/.rxp etc[add more deliverables]. Colored point cloud data can be delivered on demand basis. The type of scanners that are used for capturing as-built data is HDS 6200, HDS ScanStation C10, Riegl LMS Z-620i, Riegl VZ 400 etc.

3D Modeling

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  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Modeling

3D modeling is the process of converting point cloud data into meaningful deliverables with software such as Leica Cyclone, LFM, PlantLinx, AutoCAD, Microstation etc. Point cloud data can also be taken directly to software such as Aveva PDMS, SmartPlant 3D, Intergraph PDS etc. through Laser Model Interface (LMI).

PEGS have setup a dedicated modeling center in Gurgaon with in-house expertise with software like Leica Cyclone, CloudWorx, LFM, MicroStation, AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Liscad, Geomagic, Blender, 3DS Max etc.

2D As-Built Drawings

  • 2D As-Built Drawings
  • 2D As-Built Drawings
  • 2D As-Built Drawings

For all revamp projects accurate as-built drawings are the basic necessity. Inaccurate as-built drawings results in clashes during installation and can increase the project cost & time significantly. Leica CloudWorx for AutoCAD software is used to produce accurate 2D As-Built Drawings. Point Clouds can be directly viewed in AutoCAD which allows creating accurate drawings of objects. With Leica Cyclone Model Software 2D drawings can be directly extracted from 3D Models.

Panoramic Imagery

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PEGS uses a MK-II Nodal Ninja Kit to capture high resolution panorama mages which act as an add-on deliverable for our clients. Panorama images are captured at each scan position using the same tripod as the scanner and later the images are linked to individual scanworlds which can add color to the point cloud. The main benefit of high resolution panoramic images is to aid the modeling team in understanding the point cloud data. Additionally it allows our clients to visualize the site from all scan locations prior to the completion of the model. Panoramic images, through the help of the PEGS web portal, can also be linked to the sites GAD (General Alignment Drawing) to reflect the actual location of the image centre.

Virtual Walkthroughs And Animation

PEGS can develop virtual walkthroughs of an entire facility scanned with a laser scanner through interactive animations. Walkthroughs are normally created with either point cloud data or the final 3D Model. Virtual walkthroughs help in visualizing the entire site which has been scanned. Virtual walkthroughs acts as an add-on deliverable for our clients.

Client Portal

  • Client Portal

The PEGS Client Portal is designed to give our clients access to their project data and deliverables through an easy to use web portal. Clients may browse their past project data, access a secure FTP to download pertinent deliverables or point cloud data, and can even view their 3D models online. Because our clients are spread across the globe the Client Portal allows for easy collaboration and delivery across continents, even when dealing with such large datasets. PEGS have also delivered this portal as a stand-alone website for our clients to host on their own to showcase their work to whomever they choose. Click here to sign in or create an account.